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Bloomfield NY is a small community with a variety of residents and a variety of homes. We’ve got summer homes, retirees, young families with children, and many more. We’ve got residences and working properties, small businesses, and recreational facilities. The kinds of building services they need vary a lot. Keuka Valley Builders offers a full range of services in Bloomfield and the surrounding area.

Maybe you want to enlarge, refurbish, or remodel your home. We do bathroom, kitchen and other remodels. We build additions for families needing an extra bedroom, and we can bring older interiors up to contemporary standards. Many homes in this area are older and need some tweaking to maximize their potential. That’s something we do. A good roofing company in Bloomfield can be hard to find, but we want to help end your search today!

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We inspect, repair, and install all kinds of siding and roofs, on homes, and any other buildings on your property. Roofs and siding last a long time but not forever, and become less effective the older they are. We will inspect your roof and will do any needed repair. We can repair or replace any kind of roofing material or siding, including vinyl, brick, stucco, wood, aluminum, and other materials.

New York winters can be hard on buildings. Bloomfield’s average low in January is 16 degrees, 17 in February, and we get on average more than two feet of snow. Freezing and thawing can pop nails and fasteners, warp boards in decks and on porches, and damaged roofs. We recommend a pre-winter inspection to identify potential problems and get ready for winter. Repairs are not easy to do in the middle of the season. A close look after the end of winter can identify any seasonal damage, and get things ready for the summer season.

We Offer Residential Framing and Deck Installation in Bloomfield

Among the features that many residents enjoy are porches and decks. People in Bloomfield NY may enjoy sitting on their porches talking and enjoying a mild summer evening, or hosting a cookout on their deck. If your porch or deck needs some repair, we’ll quickly fix it. If you’re thinking of enlarging your porch or installing a new deck, we do that, too. We construct, maintain, and repair decks and porches. With hundreds of deck installation projects under our belts, we can handle any job that you have in mind! We want to be your next deck installation or roofing company in Bloomfield.

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Professional Roofing Bloomfield Services Done Right

If you are considering new construction, we do that, too. One of Keuka Valley’s specialties is residential framing for new homes. We also specialize in erecting pole buildings; an economic way to build garages, storage, or working spaces. A separate building is a good way to house a hobby or small business that takes up more and more space. A pole building can secure and protect your boat, vehicles, and recreational equipment. Our experience and dedication to customer satisfaction have allowed us to become the best roofing company Bloomfield has to offer!

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Some properties have barns. They may be used for storage or maybe part of a working farm. Whatever their purpose, they need maintenance and a barn roof needs special care because it is usually large and needs to be strong because of the weight of snow it may have to carry. Barn roof maintenance and re-roofing are more of Keuka Valley’s specialties.

Whatever building services residents in Bloomfield need, Keuka Valley Builders provides. We’re local, we’re good, and we offer free estimates! We can’t wait to help you with roofing in Bloomfield.

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