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Keuka Valley Builders offers a wide range of services to residents of Canandaigua NY. If you need a structure repaired, we do that. How about constructing a new garage, outbuilding or roofing project? We do that as well. If you’re building a new home, we can frame it. We work closely with our customers. Our company is local, and we’ve established a reputation for quality work. We live up to that reputation on every project we do.

It’s wonderful here most of the year, but New York winters can be tough on everything, including siding, roofs, and decks. Freezing and thawing can pop roofing nails, damage shingles and flashing, and damaged siding. Anywhere water can seep in and freeze can damage a structure. We can inspect your residence, business, or barn roof for any winter damage. If there is any problem, we can catch it early and fix it.

We can also inspect your property before winter begins and catch problems before cold and snow makes them worse.

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If you have a roof that has gone through too many winters, we can re-roof it so that it’s ready for the next winter. That’s important for barn roofs, which have a lot of roof area that sometimes has to bear heavy snow. Similarly, siding can be damaged. We’ll inspect your siding, find any damage and fix it. We’ll get your deck or porch back in shape so you can enjoy the good weather we enjoy here the other three seasons of the year.

Maybe you’ve got a boat that you like to use for fishing or relaxing on the lake, and you’re considering a place to keep it out of the weather. We can build a garage that will hold your boat and your truck, a pole building, maybe, big enough to hold your boat and gear. We specialize in frame structures, and we’re members of the National Frame Builders Association.

Well-installed and maintained roofing and siding help structures last longer, stay warmer and look better. Another of our specialties is servicing roofs.

Residents and visitors both like the way Canandaigua looks, the way homes fit well into their settings and neighborhoods. It can be a struggle to keep them looking good. We can help you do that.

roofing Canandaigua ny

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We’re experienced with additions to homes and other buildings, including home and barn additions. Whether it’s new construction, remodeling a kitchen space, rebuilding a porch, or adding a deck, we’ve done it and we do it well. We want to be your next roofing company in Canandaigua!

Keuka Valley Builders is based in Penn Yan. We’re here for the same reason you are. We like living here, near the lakes, and for all the recreational potential. Our maintenance, repair, and construction services can help maintain your lifestyle by keeping your residence, decks, porches, and other structures looking good and functioning well. We offer free estimates. Give us a call and we’ll show you what we can do for you! We can’t wait to help you with roofing in Canandaigua!

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