Barn Re-roofs

Keuka Valley Builders Barn Re-Roofs

Undoubtedly, if you own a barn for a long enough period of time, you will be involved in the process of a roof replacement at some point. Although most people don’t usually get too excited about spending time or money on replacing a roof, it is a necessity every so often. No worries. The general contractors at Keuka Valley Builders are here to help.

Many barn roofs have a gambrel-type form. A gambrel roof is defined as one that is usually a “symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side. The upper slope is positioned at a shallow angle, while the lower slope is steep”. This type of design tends to allow for supreme head room within the upper section of the barn, and also provides a steep slope for snow to fall from, while avoiding large amounts of snow collection.

When a barn re-roofing is taking place, there are a couple of important functions that must also be performed. Once the original roof is removed, an inspection of the underlying structure should occur. Any wood that shows signs of wood rot should be replaced and any loose boards should be repaired. Once all of the base structure is prepared and sturdy, then the new roof can be attached.

Any barn roof, especially in our area where we receive significant amounts of snow every year, should be built such that it can support the weight of accumulated ice and snow.

Although the angle of a barn roof is conducive to falling off snow, there will be some snow that builds up on the surface. Until the snow can be removed manually, the roof of the barn has to remain strong and robust. This is why it is so important that property owners work with experienced and knowledgeable contractors.

The folks at Keuka Valley Builders have the experience and the know-how to repair or replace all types of barn roofs. For those of you who need help with your barn roof, contact us for information on a free estimate. We use high-quality building materials and we pride ourselves on providing superior workmanship.

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