Beyond pole buildings, Keuka Valley Builders also specializes in garage construction. Garages may be built as an addition to an existing home (attached) or may be built as a separate structure (detached). Whether you are looking for a basic garage, or a garage with more style and character, we can help you out! We offer garage construction in two different styles; post frame construction (pole building) or stud frame construction. Post frame garages are an excellent choice, especially for individuals who are interested in a useful, well-built garage that is also cost-efficient. Post frame garage construction typically starts with pressure treated posts set in the ground 42” below grade, on top of a concrete footer.

A pressure treated skirt board is fastened to the posts around the perimeter of the building near grade, before wall girts are fastened to the posts. Truss carriers and trusses are installed next, before your choice of roofing material. With stud framed garages, 2×4 or 2×6 vertical studs are placed between sixteen and twenty-four inches apart around the perimeter of the garage, on top of a masonry step wall. Trusses are installed, before your choice of roofing material. Whether you have chosen to go with a post frame or stud frame garage, your choice of roofing material can be the same: architectural shingles or steel roofing.

A lot of customers opt for the steel roofing option, as it’s a longer lasting product, while others do prefer the look of the architectural shingle. The steel roofing comes in 29 gauge as well as 26 gauge steel; however, there are limited colors in the 26 gauge steel. We offer several different siding options for both post frame and stud frame garages: steel, vinyl, composite, or board and batten. The steel siding is popular for most detached garages, while the vinyl or composite siding is popular for attached garages when trying to complement the existing home.

Board and batten siding offers a nice, rustic look to any garage, but also requires more maintenance than the steel, composite, or vinyl. The steel siding is available in a two-tone color combination. If you’re looking to dress the garage up a bit, how about adding in some composite stone from TandoStoneTM? Garage door sizes can vary, depending on your personal garage door needs. A standard size garage door is 9’ wide by 7’ high, while our most popular size is 10’ wide by 8’ high.

Our overhead door supplier offers many different styles, windows, and colors. Check them out at: ! Adding a garage to your home or property is a wise decision that will bring you years of use for all of your personal property. Once you have enjoyed some time with a garage, you will probably wonder how you ever functioned without one so well. The professionals at Keuka Valley Builders have knowledge and experience with all sorts of garage designs and we welcome the opportunity to aid you with your own useful creation.

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