Beyond residential construction and agricultural/barn construction, Keuka Valley Builders also specialize in garage construction. Garages may be built as an addition to an existing home or may be built as a separate structure. Garages are very useful buildings, as they can be used for storage and protection shelters for cars, trucks, farm equipment, and a lot of other items.

We offer garage construction in two different formats; pole built construction or stud framed construction. Pole built garages are an excellent choice, especially for individuals who are interested in a useful, well-built garage that is also cost-efficient. Pole built
garages typically use vertical poles that are made of pressure treated lumber, utility poles, or tree trunks that create the frame for the structure. The poles are braced into a concrete slab foundation or may be buried into the ground. The garage walls will then be attached to the existing poles. Pole built garages can be completed with any sized garage door,
depending on your requirements. These types of structures are sturdy, practical,
versatile, and typically quite simple in design.

Stud framed garages offer a bit more detail and are usually the choice when adding a garage to an existing home. Most homes are also designed using stud frame design, so when a garage is attached, the two structures compliment each other nicely. With stud framing, vertical studs are usually placed between sixteen and twenty-four inches apart around the perimeter of the garage. The studs are usually 2×4 or 2×6 in size. Construction using the stud framed format is a bit more complex than pole built structures; therefore, the cost will be a bit higher. Garage door sizes can vary, depending on your
personal garage door needs.

Adding a garage to your home or property is a wise decision that will bring you years of use for all of your personal property. Once you have enjoyed some time with a garage, you will probably wonder how you ever functioned without one so well. The professionals at Keuka Valley Builders have knowledge and experience with all sorts of garage designs and we welcome the opportunity to aid you with your own useful creation.

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