Pole Building

Pole Building

Pole building, also known as post frame construction or pole barn, is a quick and efficient style of building for residential and agricultural alike. Whether you are looking for a garage, or a storage building, a post frame building may be right for you.

The post frame construction typically starts with pressure treated posts set in the ground 42″ below grade, on top of a concrete footer. A pressure treated skirt board is fastened to the posts around the perimeter of the building near grade, before wall girts are fastened to the posts. Truss carriers and trusses are installed next, before your choice of steel or shingle roofing.

Most customers opt for the steel roofing option, as it’s a longer lasting product, while others do prefer the look of the architectural shingle. The steel roofing comes in 29 gauge as well as 26 gauge steel; however, there are limited colors in the 26 gauge steel.

We offer several different siding options: steel, vinyl, or board and batten. The steel siding is popular for most post frame building applications, while the vinyl siding can be chosen for a more residential look. Board and batten siding offers a nice, rustic look to any building, but also requires more maintenance than the steel or vinyl. The steel siding is available in a two-tone color combination.

Pole buildings can be framed to have sliding doors or overhead doors. Overhead doors are the most popular option due to reliability and ease of use. Our overhead door vendor offers many different styles, windows, and colors. Check them out here: www.chiohd.com

Windows and entry doors are other options one can add. Our most popular window is the Anderson SilverLine model, typically quoted as a single hung window, but can also be obtained as a double hung, sliding, or picture window. The entry door is generally a white 3′ fiberglass door (with or without windows), with composite jambs and brick mould. Steel and fire rated doors are also available.

Gutters can be added as well. If you opted to have a steel roof, we strongly recommend having us install snow stops with the gutters. Otherwise, the snow could damage your gutters as it slides off the steel roof.

Cupolas can add a decorative touch to your new building. They are available with louvers or windows, and weathervanes are always a fun option too. Cupolas are available in sizes 18″, 24″, 30″, and 36″.

We can also pour the concrete floor and finish off the interior of your building for an awesome, complete look!

Do you have someone to do your site work? If not, we can arrange for one of our subs to price it out.

As you can see, there are a lot of options to choose from. Looking for ideas? Check out our gallery page!

Sometimes, pole buildings are built with exposed poles and they lack the coverage from outside walls. This type of construction is classified as more of a shelter and is useful for some lite farm equipment storage. Other pole buildings will have enclosed walls that surround the poles themselves.

The contractors at Keuka Valley Builders have years of experience at creating pole buildings. As one previous customer stated, “Being a hobby woodworker, I know the difference between building a grandfather clock and a pole barn. I am particular about cuts being accurately measured and square. They (Keuka Valley Builders) do not cut corners”.

All of us at Keuka Valley Builders take pride in our commitment to service and our ability to construct attractive, sturdy, and useful buildings. If we may be of service to you, then please contact us at (585) 554-5549

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