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The quaint town of Penn Yan is known for having lots of farm life. As an agricultural town located outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, you may be reading this blog as a farmer yourself. Or, maybe it’s been your lifelong dream to open a farm and as such, you’re looking into ways you can store your equipment. If any of these scenarios resonate with you, then you may want to consider looking into professional pole barn construction services. 

But what exactly is a pole building? And what do we mean by post-frame homes? And why are they called that? Interestingly enough, the original name for pole buildings used to be telephone pole buildings, as these were routinely used in construction during the Great Depression. 


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Searching for Penn Yan Pole Barn Builders Near Me?

If you are searching for Penn Yan pole barn builders near me, look no further! Keuka Valley Builders are one of the best pole barn building providers in the area. When we talk about pole building homes, we’re talking about the words used to describe the building materials used in construction.

During this type of construction, wooden posts (also commonly referred to as poles) are buried underground. To provide the utmost support to the frame, these wooden poles are typically buried anywhere between four and six feet deep. These wooden posts replace a traditional foundation, which is usually a thick slab of concrete that keeps the home level and steady.

However, since homes built with wooden posts don’t have concrete foundations, they’re called pole buildings instead because they offer vertical support to the structure of the home.


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Pole Barn Builders Penn Yan, NY Residents Trust

If you’re looking for post frame construction in the Penn Yan area, reach out to the team at Keuka Valley Builders for help. We have earned a reputation for excellent customer service, as well as efficiency, knowledge, and experience in all areas of pole construction. Call us today at (585) 554-5549 or email us at KeukaValley@Yahoo.com to get a free quote and to learn more about our post frame building services and craftsmanship.

One misconception our customers who are new to this type of construction have is what they can create with pole buildings, oftentimes believing they are limited in regards to the style and function of these buildings. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Pole buildings can be used for all sorts of things, including detached garages, on-site workshops, greenhouses, and even riding areas for those that have horses on their property.


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Are you searching for Penn Yan pole barns near me? Then you are in luck! We provide professional pole barn construction and much more.

These buildings can also either be partially enclosed to fully enclosed, as well as be used for storage of farming equipment such as large bales of hay, harvesters, tractors, and more. If you’re looking for quality pole barn contractors near me, turn to the pros at Keuka Valley Builders in Penn Yan, NY.

So now that you know a little bit more about what a pole building is and can be used for, what features can be added to them? The answer is a lot.

The first choice customers usually have is deciding between either a steel or shingle-style roof. While shingles do have their place and appeal, the majority of customers prefer going with steel roofing because it typically has a longer shelf-life. On average, a steel roof can last anywhere from 40-70 years depending on location and upkeep.

Likewise, customers also have their choice of gutters, windows, and either sliding or overhead doors. When it comes to designing your own Penn Yan pole barns near me, you will have access to a ton of options and choices for personalization to make it your own.


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One common question our customers who are looking to hire pole barn builders Penn Yan NY have is just how long construction will take. And the answer is quite surprising! On average, it takes about two weeks to complete 2,000-3,0000 square feet building. For larger buildings, it may take up to a month. However, depending on size and other factors, sometimes the timeframe in which these are completed will vary. 

Are you looking for Penn Yan pole barn builders near me? Go with the best in the business. At Keuka Valley Builders, we’ve earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer service. We’re proud to be highly rated among the members of the Penn Yan, NY community. 

If you’re looking to get started, your dream pole building is only one call away. If you have questions about our services or want to see what a pole building looks like once constructed, we welcome you to check out our gallery. Pole buildings are great options for anyone looking to build a separate space on their property to store equipment or work on ongoing projects. And because they typically take less time than traditional residential framing, they’re perfect for those who want to enjoy their finished product faster. 

Don’t delay. Contact Keuka Valley Builders today for all your pole building construction needs in Penn Yan, New York. 

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