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Have you ever walked into a house that you or a friend were looking to buy and refer to it as having good bones? Well, when it comes to professional house framing construction, that’s not just a euphemism. The frame of a house is its bones, and if you’re looking to build your future residence, you must go with a company that has a reputation for quality. 

Building a new house from scratch is exciting. You get to add your unique personality to it from the very start, which simply isn’t possible when you’re buying a house off the market. But how can you get started? Finding a top-rated and local framing construction company like Keuka Valley Builders


residential framing Penn Yan NY

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Our house framing contractors have over a decade’s worth of experience, so you can trust that you’re always going to be getting construction services of the highest quality. In addition to this, the residential framing contractors near me at Keuka Valley Builders have earned a reputation for superior customer service. 

When you hire us, you can trust that we’ll bring you along for every step in the construction journey. From the planning and design stages, to when your residential property is ready to use, your dream house starts with a call to Keuka Valley Builders in Penn Yan, New York. We can be reached at (585) 554-5549 or via email at 

If this is your first time designing your own house or hiring Penn Yan house framers near me, then you likely have a bunch of questions about the process and what to expect. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from the house framing Penn Yan NY process. 


Penn Yan house framers near me


House Framing Penn Yan, NY Residents Trust

The first step in the process is always to check local building codes in Penn Yan, NY, and obtain all the necessary permits. The last thing you want is to start building only to find out that you can’t. We can help you with this, as we’re familiar with all the local building codes.

Once this is all taken care of, the next step is to measure the area in which the floor will go and ensure the sill plates will fit nicely into the foundation. Residential house framing involves a lot of little steps, like anchoring the sill plates, covering the joists you installed with your subfloor, and so forth.

Four parts go into residential framing: framing the floor (as briefly mentioned above), the doors and windows, the roof and ceiling, and most importantly, the exterior walls. Framing a house is similar to working out a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece fits into the other, so you’re constantly building upon one layer.


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For example, once you’ve taken care of the floor, the exterior walls are then constructed with either 2 x 4” or x x 6” wooden boards and then raised into place. During this process of construction the exterior walls, usually very straight boards are used because of how much easier they are to work with and their overall quality when it comes to adding in the studs.

Also, during the construction of the exterior walls, it’s important to designate where the doors and windows will be placed. It’s easier to do this during this phase, than later on. Though during this phase, these openings will be rather rough, they’ll look great when the doors and windows are installed.

After the walls are built, the next step is to construct the ceiling and the roof. Unlike the exterior walls, the lumber and joists used for the ceiling/roof will be added horizontally. Rafters are placed diagonally so that they meet at the roof’s peak. You can trust that our residential framing crew will overlap ceiling joists in such a way that will offer the highest level of support to the bearing walls.


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Another common question our customers have is how long it’ll take to frame their new house in New York. And, the answer is that it depends on the size of the property, and of course if there are any unexpected delays, such as those that may exist with getting a permit or poor weather that halts construction. On average, though, you can expect proper house framing to take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. This fact surprises many of our customers who think it takes longer. Upon hearing all of this, you realize that your dream house is a lot closer than you thought!

Are you ready to start building? Let the team at Keuka Valley Builders help. Call us today at (585) 554-5549 to get a quote and set up a consultation. We welcome you to also check out our online gallery to see what you can expect when you hire Keuka Valley Builders for all your residential framing needs in the greater Penn Yan area. 

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